Home to arguably some of the best beaches in the world, there’s no surprise that the Maldives crops up in any conversation about a dream getaway. The Maldives is made up of nearly 1200 islands, all of whom boast an equally pristine beach experience for travellers. Consistency would be a gross understatement as you would struggle to find a beach in the Maldives that doesn’t feature white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. It’s no wonder that the collection of islands is responsible for the millions of tourists who visit each year, facing only one pressing issue – how do we choose which is the best island paradise?

Tourism in Maldives has always relied on the resort model, offering a plethora of activities within the resort but not very much outside of it. Over the last few years, this has begun to change as the Maldives is slowly attracting more and more independent travellers, allowing people to experience these islands without having to remain separated from the local population. Finally, the backpackers of the world can join in the island fun.

After mostly catering to the needs of couples and families over the years, the Maldives is overflowing with relaxing escapes and romantic getaways. While luxury travel has been its USP, times are now changing with countless individuals creating low-budget itineraries and exploring what the islands have to offer! The rapid increase in privately run guesthouses, holiday homes and hostels has ensured that Maldives is now more accessible than ever.

Your journey can be curated to feature the variety of experiences that the Maldives has to offer. We all know of its attractive beaches but few are aware of the historical and cultural relevance of its man-made attractions. The densely populated capital of Malé is known for its historic mosques and aesthetically designed buildings. Similarly, one can occupy themselves with a range of interesting artefacts, attractions and locations. Whether hunting for souvenirs or finding the ideal, quaint restaurant to eat in; Malé has something for everyone.

The main attraction of holidaying in the Maldives is the access to its clear waters, and the myriad of water-based activities and attractions that come with it. Immerse yourself in the magnificent marine life, either through a relaxing boat journey or an exhilarating snorkelling experience! Explore the mesmerising caves, astonishing coral walls and beautiful schools of tropical fish that await you.

The Maldives will allow evening after evening of unforgettable sunset, as you recline on your comfortable hammock and sway to the soothing rhythm of crashing waves around you. Without a care in the world, your only problem will be deciding when its time to bid farewell to your island paradise.

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