People always speak of the beauty to behold in Scandinavia, and one glance is all one needs to see what they meant. The pastel-coloured city of Oslo proved to be even more picturesque than we were led to believe from the brochure! Regarded as one of the world’s wealthiest cities, its love for symmetry and artistic balance is evident in the examples of fine architecture scattered across the city. The frequented Aker Brygge has proven to be a favourite among visitors, with its modern, geometrically designed industrial district on the harbour side. This splendid labyrinthine of red-brick buildings, boutiques, bistros, and other small neighbourhood outliers has no trouble in maintaining its rustic charm.

An evening stroll near the east end introduces you to a collection of quaint, memorable destinations. Revolver, a bar located on Møllergata, is a popular watering hole as visitors flock to similar venues to circumvent the prohibition of purchasing alcohol after 6pm, on weekends. Dining out can prove to be quite expensive, so many travellers prefer to book an accommodation with a kitchen facility; the ideal way to explore Norway on a budget!

As we travel east, we are greeted by Norway’s more artistic, industrial persona, illustrated through the murals and works of graffiti emblazoned across its abandoned buildings. You will find yourself not too far from the Opera House, which is a sight to see regardless of whether or not you manage to catch a scheduled show. If you are unable to experience the Norwegian taste for theatre and entertainment, all is not lost as you still have a chance to feast your eyes on Oslo’s breathtaking views of the mighty fjords in the distance.

A train journey to Bergen promises to be one of the most beautiful experiences that Europe has to offer. Traversing through gorges, across the wild countryside, this journey is one straight out of a fairy tale. If the aesthetic value of your commute wasn’t enough, enjoy the idyllic city of Bergen, tinged with nostalgia. Bask in the old town’s rows of rain-washed, small wooden houses that fade away into the distance, as you are enamoured by the endearing landscape of people continuing along with their colourful lives.

Three hours on from Bergen is the majestic Måbødalen, against a spectacular backdrop of fjords, waterfalls, streams and forests. Here lies Vøringsfosse; one of the most impressive waterfalls in Norway. There are few things as satisfying as tracing the incessant chatter of ice-cold water from the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, as it slices through the narrow, wild Måbødalen Valley. If you find yourself near stunning Eidfjord in summertime, you will bear witness to the hordes of tourist cruise ships that ferry enthusiastic hikers to the base of Vøringsfosse. A little distance away from the harbour, just up the hill on a small plateau, is an 800 year old historical treat that awaits you; the unforgettably scenic burial mounds of Vikings. A ferry ride brings you back to Bergen, as you prepare for your next Scandinavian adventure.

Finally, you make your way further North in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Mother Nature’s light show. The Aurora Borealis stands as one of the natural wonders of the world, both for its immaculate beauty and its unpredictability! Many individuals visit the prime visibility locations, such as Senja, Alta, Kirkenes etc., but unfortunately are unable to catch sight of anything. However, if you’re lucky enough, your perfect Norwegian escape will be decorated with the mystical beauty of the elusive Northern Lights.

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