Greece is so small—the size of the state of Alabama—you might think it’s easy to see most of the country in a short visit. There are two reasons why that’s not true and they are the same two reasons that make travel here so beautiful: the mountains and the sea.

Places Visited

Athens, Kalabaka, Thessaloniki, Meteora, Delphi, Ancient Olympia, Nafplio, Mykonos and Santorini.

Trip Dates: 7th Oct - 21st Oct, 2019
Duration: 14 Nights, 15 Days
Availability: Yes, 12 spots left
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  • Explore the mythological history of Athens on a tour of its modern history and ancient ruins, including the celebrated Parthenon.
  • Visit the amazing Monasteries in Meteora.
  • Discover Thessaloniki and travel back in time, into the Macedonian Kingdom of Alexander the Great and Philip II.
  • Admire the Great Greek Mythology in Delphi.
  • Enjoy the most romantic towns of Greece – Nafplio.
  • Relax on the pure beaches and within the crystalline waters of Mykonos.
  • Indulge along the sensational meandering streets of Mykonos Town.
  • Luxuriate along the cliffs of the famous island of Santorini.
  • Wander beside the picturesque white and blue homes of Santorini.
  • Enjoy the unparalleled sunset of Santorini where the sky is overrun with magnificent color.

Trip At a Glance

  • Day 1  Welcome to the Philosopher’s Paradise, Athens.
  • Day 2 Experience the Diverse History of Athens Including the Acropolis.
  • Day 3 Transfer to the most beautiful mainland of Greece and Monasteries – Meteora.
  • Day 4 Travel to Thessaloniki. Discover the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.
  • Day 5  Explore the centre of the Universe – Delphi.
  • Day 6  Transfer to the archaeological sites of Ancient Olympia.
  • Day 7 Transfer to the most romantic towns of Greece – Nafplio.
  • Day 8  Proceed to Athens to explore more.
  • Day 9 Transfer to the Stunning Island of Mykonos.
  • Day 10  Indulge along the Pristine Beaches of Mykonos.
  • Day 11  Arrive on Crescent Island of Santorini.
  • Day 12  Enjoy Santorini at Your Leisure.
  • Day 13 Explore the Legendary Caldera of Santorini.
  • Day 14Travel back to Athens to relax before your final departure back home.
  • Day 15Depart for Home.

Detailed Description

Step inside the myths and legends of Ancient Greece on this 15-day tour that will take you through the rumored beauty of the islands and the sensational stories of the mainland. From the storied philosophers of Athens to the birthplace of the gods, you will be able to stretch to edges of Grecian mysticism. Each day is sure to be more magical than the last, within the islands, within Athens, and within your journey through it all.

Welcome to Athens and its gorgeous ruins that tower over the city as a reminder of the age that inspired history. Spend time exploring the old streets and mansions of the city that stretch from the Golden Age to Roman occupation and beyond. The next day your guide will tour you through the modern history and antiquity of the city where a palace looms and the Parthenon lusters.

Kalampaka (also spelled Kalambaka or Kalabaka) is a town of 12,000 citizens and is situated on the foot of the most extraordinary Meteora rocks. A Greek inscription on the wall of one of the town’s oldest churches (Saint John the Baptist) testifies the existence of an ancient Greek settlement under the name Eginio. Relics of an ancient Greek temple – probably of god Apollo – have been incorporated in the wall of the town’s oldest and most renowned 10th century church, dedicated to Virgin Mary. Historical records refer to the town’s Byzantine name as Stagi, when it had become a significant centre of the Byzantine Empire.

Located in Macedonia, in Northern Greece, there is a city unlike anywhere else in Greece. Thessaloniki is a sprawling urban centre, a cultural melting pot, where dreams, ideas, visions and trends percolate in an alternative, avant garde scene. Its history is written upon everything you see the Thermaic Gulf, the White Tower, Nikis Avenue, Aristotelous Square, Mitropoleos Avenue, Tsimiski Avenue, Ladadika, Modiano Market, Bit Bazaar and the Old City. For thousands of years, this northern port-town has been a meeting point for people of different cultures. Impressive attractions, cafes, bars, traditional tavernas, gourmet restaurants, a lively nightlife – you’ll find everything here in Thessaloniki, the beautiful ‘bride of the Thermaic Gulf’.

Delphi (Delfí), lying on the slopes of Mount Parnassus high above the Gulf of Corinth, is one of the most famous historic sites in Greece, known throughout the ancient Greek world and beyond as the sanctuary of Apollo and the shrine of his oracle. Today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Delphi ranks with the Acropolis in Athens, Olympia, and the island of Delos as one of the most important tourist attractions of the classical period of ancient Greece. Its wealth of remains combines with its magnificent mountain setting and its importance in Greek mythology to make Delphi one of the high points of a visit to Greece.

Discover Ancient Olympia: one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece welcomes you in the Peloponnese!

Nafplion is among the most beautiful towns in mainland Greece. Only a 2 hours drive from Athens, Nafplion town has an intense Medieval atmosphere. A walk around the narrow paved streets of the Old Town is like a trip to the past. On top of a hill above Nafplion, there is the strong fortress of Palamidi with amazing view to the sea. At the entrance of the port, there is a small islet with a fortress that used to protect the town from naval attacks. Nafplion Greece is a popular weekend destination all year round, while its lovely beach resorts make it a great place for summer holidays, too.

You will board a hydrofoil and cruise to the illustrious island of Mykonos where the days can be a mix of crystal waters, hot sandy shores, and labyrinthine streets. Off the coast of the island is the uninhabited island of Delos, the birthplace of gods Apollo and Artemis. Discover the unimpeded mysticism of the island that has absorbed and inspired people for millennia.

Your arrival in Santorini brings you to the base of the crescent cliffs of the island. The whitewashed buildings reflect the colors of the light during sunrise and sunset. The days are at your leisure, blending them with a mix of relaxing beaches, infinity pools, and strolls along the cliff side where the luminous water crashes against the rocks.

Your journey home will take you from the myths of Daedalus into the comforts of the sky, where wax wings will forever remain in the depths of Geek legend, but you soared within the greatness of Greece.

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