8 Tips to Help You Pack for Your Vacation

Travel demands that you plan your journey meticulously considering all the details; however, it does not translate to overzealously packing your luggage. Of course, you always wanted to pack light, but we know by experience that it is always not possible. So here are some tips that help you take some trouble out of your packing woes.

1. Watch out for custom regulations

Entry requirements vary from country to country. In most cases, the regulations relate to setting limits on cigarettes, bottles of booze, souvenirs and cash among others. Plan your journey meticulously considering all the customs regulations of the destination stops.

2. Know the airline’s baggage policy

On international and domestic routes, most airlines permit travellers to carry at least one bag. Check up on the airlines’ website for details on check-in baggage weight limit. The best packing tip is to carry a smaller daypack inside your check-in baggage. You may find this useful when on transit stopovers.

3. Get the right bag

Purchase a regulation-size carry bag and double-check its dimension to ensure that it is both functional inside and durable on the outside.

4. Prepare a packing list

Now, don’t fall into the trap and start packing all your toiletries. A packing list is for absolute essentials. You can buy your soap, shampoo or conditioner for cheap at your destination. Moreover, hotels do provide premium toiletries as compliments to guests.

5. Get lighter woollen garments

If you are heading for winter destinations, check out on woollen fabrics made from merino. Products made from merino wool are lightweight, easy to fold and are very durable—you can keep wearing them for days without a hint of smell! This is smart wool!

6. Do not miss your leather boots

Do not pack leather your boots: wear them. Get leather boots that are durable yet versatile. You can do a lot of stuff wearing leather boots and yet land up for dinner without much ado.  Pack one pair of sneakers, anyway.

7. Pack clothes for seven days only

Never mind how long you’d be holidaying, it is best to pack only for seven days. No matter wherever you go, you will find laundromats offering express service to travellers like you.

8. Know your packing order

Roll your clothes tightly and place them into your bag vertically. Yes, it looks like a filing cabinet, but it uses your bag space wisely. You will that there’s always room for more when you arrange your clothes in this fashion.

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