8 Advantages of Travelling Solo

Travelling is an extremely beneficial activity as it helps expand our horizons and introduces us to new experiences.We may realise the importance of discovering what the world has to offer – but how much have we explored our own personalities?

To travel alone is to accompany yourself on an adventure of self-discovery, as you are faced with decisions to make, fears to overcome, and learnings to cherish. Solo Travelling helps an individual really get to know who they are on the inside, and provides them with an opportunity to develop themselves into whoever they wish to be. Here are a few advantages of Travelling Solo –

1. Confidence

Travelling on your own helps acquire valuable experience and skills, helping you build confidence in your abilities. When travelling alone, you are faced with obstacles that challenge your limits but ultimately help you evolve as both a traveller and a human being. You gain trust in your ability to get organised and take care of yourself.

2. Comfort Zone

Travelling provides us with the opportunity to see what exists outside of the world we’ve been exposed to. Venturing out of your comfort zone encourages individuals to adapt, and plays a major part in their personal development. The experience of overcoming an unfamiliar situation will help you grow as a capable traveller.

3. Cost-effective

Solo Travellers are able to easily maintain a budget as they don’t have to account for the needs of multiple individuals. When travelling on your own, you are free to distribute your funds between various activities, based on your mood or interests. For example, this allows you to save on meals or shopping in order to afford an attraction or experience.

4. Socialising

The travel industry has witnessed a huge increase in the number of individual travellers. The solo traveller will find it much easier to fit in with local communities, as they are far more approachable than larger groups of travellers. You are also encouraged to interact with new people, as they offer invaluable insights, on destinations and activities, that you would never find in your travel brochure.

5. Control

When travelling by yourself, you get to exercise full control over the places you visit, and the things to do there. Unlike travelling in a group, you don’t have to compromise on your activities in order to accommodate everybody’s preferences. Solo travellers are the masters of their adventure, and get to decide precisely how they spend their time.

6. Independence

Travelling on your own enables you to rely on yourself in challenging situations. When presented with choices, the solo traveller gains a sense of independence as they make their own decisions. This plays a vital role in helping you develop the ability to successfully pursue the adventures you seek!

7. Self-assurance

Every individual should have the opportunity to get to know themselves, and to appreciate their own company. As a solo traveller, you will gain self-assurance through this appreciation, as you gain a better understanding of what makes you happy.

8. Happiness

Every individual experiences happiness and excitement at the thought of travelling. Whether in a group, or on your own, there’s no denying its ability to reduce stress levels, and improve our wellbeing. By travelling on your own, there is nothing to distract you from the intimate experiences you share with the world around you.

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