7 Ways to Document Your Travels

When it comes to capturing memories from our travels, we’ve all felt the regret of not documenting enough of our experience. While we may capture a handful of disjointed pictures on our smartphones, they usually just end up taking up space in an old hard drive or laptop.

We’d like to offer a few unique and unorthodox ways to document your travels around the world, along with suggestions on a few DIY souvenirs that can be created from your collectibles! Here are 7 ways to capture the essence of your wanderlust, and proudly display it for you and the rest of the world to admire –

1. Destination Map

We’ve all had to consult a map or two when deciding our itinerary for a given day, but how often do we revisit those maps once our plans are made? A great way for globetrotters to record their travels is to decorate a wall in their homes with an outlined map of the world. With every new destination visited, you can add a coloured pin or sticker on that place’s location on the map for a visual reminder of the places you’ve been!

2. Frame Your Currency

Rediscover the value of old currency notes and coins by repurposing them as exciting souvenirs from your trip! Instead of allowing them to gather dust in a forgotten drawer, simply place unused currency notes and coins in designed frames, to be displayed along with the rest of your decorations!

3.Route Tracker

Another way of creating decorative reminders of your adventures is to mark your travel routes with threaded stitches. It’s a simple way to highlight the various countries you’ve visited, and the specific routes you’ve traversed on your way! These maps can be further decorated with notes, stickers, etc. that illustrate the places and attractions seen along the way.

4. Memory Capsule:

A common habit is to collect tickets, receipts and other such physical souvenirs from your travels. But these souvenirs are often scattered amongst various pockets, luggage compartments etc. and we tend to lose track of them. Instead, invest in a simple mason jar or box dedicated to a specific journey, so that all trinkets from the road can be immediately deposited into your memory capsule for safekeeping!

5. Mementos & Charms:

There exists a unique fascination with foreign coins, despite their lack of monetary value. Coin collecting has been practiced for years, but why not add these items to a different collection? A few simple steps can convert these collectibles into attractive Mementos or Charms that you can wear yourself, or give away as personalised gifts from your travels.

6. Keepsake Ring Binders:

Head to your local stationary store and invest in a few simple Ring Binders before heading off on your next trip. These binders serve as excellent ways to collect tickets, postcards, receipts and other souvenirs from your journey, ensuring that you return home with a neat, organised collection of memorabilia from the experience.

7. DIY Chalkboard Map:

This one’s for the more creative traveller, with an interest in documenting their travel in a more artistic manner. With the help of chalkboard paint and a projector, you can turn any wall map or globe into a customisable outline of the world map. Once prepared, feel free to decorate each individual destination with different colours, designs and notes that convey what they mean to you! This idea can also be replicated with the help of a white board and markers.

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