6 Ways To Maintain Your Budget

Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go, but have you taken the necessary steps to ensure this holiday won’t financially set you back for the rest of the year? While travelling does come with a set of unavoidable expenses, there are ways to soften the blow to your wallet.

We believe every traveller should be adept at finding the best deal in any situation, and we’re here to help you do precisely that! Here are 6 suggestions on how to minimise your spending and make the most of your adventure abroad –

Be a Local, not a Tourist

Tourism is a booming industry around the world, and it’s quite common to see how the local businesses will do whatever they can to capitalise on their city’s booming tourist population. A common practice in heavily touristed areas is to charge higher prices for commodities and services. By taking a five minute walk away from whichever tourist attraction you’re visiting, you avoid the restaurants and stores that set higher prices for unsuspecting tourists.

Stray from the beaten path

Rather than heading to the famous spots that are strongly advertised, try and explore the smaller, family-run establishments and businesses. We are usually drawn to the larger restaurant chains for comfort or familiarity, but this is only because we are not adventurous enough with our experiences. By checking out less popular destinations, you are guaranteeing yourself a one-of-a-kind travel experience that will result in a meal far more memorable than sticking to a fast-food restaurant.

Prepare for the day

Carrying your own water bottle helps save a lot of money as most holidays require regular rehydration, as you enjoy your sightseeing and exploring. Having to buy refreshments is not only expensive but also adds to the amount of pollution you are contributing to the environment. Keeping a bottle of water and short eats handy ensures the energy you require to avoid junk food and snacking in between meals.

Invest in a local Tourism Card

Tourist destinations are constantly trying to improve the experience of visitors, through the creation of special offers and by providing incentives on travel, accommodation etc. Similar to the ‘Oyster Card’ in London or the ‘SmartLink’ in New York, most major cities have offers on select services like public transport and sightseeing. Keep your eyes peeled for similar Tourism Cards that you can utilise in your next holiday.

Plan your meals, the right way

It is common to find better deals at lunch than at dinner, when budgeting your holiday. While dinners continue to be the formal occasion, lunches are seen as the casual, quick meal in between daily tasks. For this reason, it is possible to find inexpensive lunch discounts, or all-you-can-eat buffets, that help your body refuel while saving money on a light dinner.

Avoid peak seasons for Tourism

There are certain months in the year that are guaranteed to attract tourism, and this is the case for every major Tourism destination. However, there are some benefits to avoiding these peak travel seasons. For example, many travellers would be willing to compromise on the amount of sunshine at their beach if it means a less-crowded, quieter resort, as a whole. As the overall demand is low during these periods, it is easy to negotiate less expensive deals over the course of your trip.

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