6 Tips on Travelling with Children

As much as we love travelling with the entire family, there are usually a few inevitable complications that come our way and disrupt the schedule. For this reason, it’s important to learn how to enjoy a trip with your children, and to make it equally enjoyable for them. Here are a few suggestions on how to ensure it’s smooth-sailing on your next adventure with the entire family –

Time Management

The pressures of a strict schedule are never welcome on a holiday, as individuals would rather approach activities at their own leisure. In order to ensure adequate time for exploration, toilet breaks etc., be sure to set aside a satisfactory amount of time at each destination. Both you and your children will be thankful for the extra ten minutes available between activities.

Travel the Local Way

Children will always find novelty in new forms of public transport, as it is a new experience for them. Whether by train, bus, or even boat, try and opt for a commute that provides your children with new things to see and hear. You’ll be surprised by how effectively they occupy themselves with the fascinating things to see around them!

Monitor their Packing

While many parents encourage children to pack for themselves, it is important to understand that they may not always pack in the most efficient way. By overseeing their packing, you are not only instilling a sense of independence in them but also ensuring that their luggage is comfortable to carry.

Embrace Technology

Today, we are wary of how much time our children spend in front of screens. However, these pieces of technology could be the invaluable distraction you’ve always wanted for a cranky toddler on a flight! There are a variety of simple, engaging smartphone apps that will keep your children happy throughout their journey!

Beware of Snacks

Children are often enamoured by the collection of snacks and junk food available in new places, and parents are more than happy to encourage them, if it keeps them occupied. However, this snacking can disrupt the child's appetite, or cause severe irregularity in their energy levels. Coupled with jet lag or travel fatigue, this can result in a few challenging situations.

Encourage a Travel Journal

There is no better way to embrace new experiences than to immortalise them in the form of words, pictures, souvenirs etc. Encourage your children to document every aspect of their holiday, right from the new foods they discover to the interesting people they meet. Investing in a disposable camera will also spur their creativity, ensuring they return home with a treasure trove of memories.

Aside from a more meaningful experience, they will be grateful for the reminders of a wonderful holiday.

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