6 Hacks For When You Pack

Every traveller is excited to learn new and innovative ways to simplify the process of preparing for their travel. While we all have our own preferred methods, there’s always a new trick that could come in handy on the next getaway!

Evershine Holidays is here to reveal a few ingenious hacks that we’ve come across in our travels, to help you be completely prepared for every adventure you embark on:

1. Spill-Proof Containers

We’re hesitant to travel with too many liquid products due to the risk of them bursting open in our luggage and leaving a mess. A good way to prevent this possibility is to unscrew the lid of your container and place a small piece of Plastic Wrap, before screwing the lid back in place. This seals the contents inside the container, making it spill-proof!

2. Repurposed Containers

Most travellers maintain a pouch or case for accessories, like jewellery, hairpins and other such small items, but this often leads to things getting jumbled together. Instead, make use of old Tic Tac  containers or similar containers to keep these items organised and easily accessible. Additionally, you can secure earrings in the holes of old Buttons, making them easier to keep track of.

3. Protective Straws

Chains and necklaces have a tendency to get tangled and jumbled inside our bags, which is not only frustrating to sort out but may also damage your possessions. A good way to protect them is to string them through straws to prevent them from knotting and tangling when in your luggage.

4. Rolling Garments

A great way to maximise the space in your luggage is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. This space-saving technique also helps you fill out the gaps created by bulkier luggage items.

5. Multipurpose Shower Caps

Never worry about having to pack your dirty shoes along with your fresh clothes if you’ve got a shower cap! Simply place your shoes inside an upturned shower cap to keep the soles from touching anything else. Additionally, you can stuff socks or other small items into the shoes if you’re low on space.

6. Travel-sized Containers

We have a wide arsenal of personal care and beauty products that we’d love to take along on our holidays. However, there’s the constant problem of having to pack all those large, bulky bottles and containers just for a simple weekend trip. Aside from purchasing miniature travel-sized bottles, you can always repurpose old contact lens cases or lip balm containers as an easy solution to this.

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