5 Tips on Travelling with Electronics

In the age of technology, it is vital that we always have precisely the right gadget for every scenario. Our electronics provide us travellers with a vital sense of support and companionship, but  it is possible for them to actually cause more problems than solutions.

Evershine Holidays offers a few handy suggestions to ensure that you’re electronically-equipped to gain the most out of your travel experience:

1. Accessibility

It is always a good idea to keep your essential electronics, such as your mobile phone, Kindle etc. in your carry-on luggage, for the sake of both convenience and safety. Today, our smart phones hold our booking confirmations, e-boarding passes and itineraries, so it’s helpful to have it easily accessible at all times.

2. Essentials

You may be extremely proud of the arsenal of gadgets that fills your home, but there’s no need to bring them all along when you’re travelling. Pick and choose the items that offer the most utility, without creating undue worry about it being damaged or misplaced.

3. Accessories

Most smart phones are filled to the brim with energy-draining apps that leave you stranded, in search of a plug point. For this reason, we advise investing in a portable Powerbank as an essential accompaniment on your travel. Alternatively, ensure you have a multipurpose adapter that fits into foreign sockets.

4. Security

As tempting as it is to make use of a free WiFi network, don’t be too eager to connect to it as this is an easy way for hackers to access all devices connected to that network. It is advisable to only use the official WiFi networks that require a form of secure log-in, as provided by airports, cafes etc.

5. Sensibility

It is now second nature to periodically pull out our smart phones, in order to check notifications or just generally browse through apps. When travelling, make it a habit to turn your smart phone off, or put it on Airplane Mode, as a way to conserve both your battery life and mobile data.

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