5 Smart Ways to Travel Light

For many of us, the task of planning for a vacation can be quite a testing ordeal in itself. We have the tendency to inefficiently prepare for our journeys, either due to the surplus items we pack or the manner in which we pack them.

By keeping a few things in mind, you can ensure that every holiday is a stress-free experience, free from the concerns of overweight baggage or unnecessary items. Here are 5 tips to bear in mind when packing light for a journey:

1. Make sure your Luggage is the correct size

In order to accommodate all the things we may possibly require, we tend to select oversized pieces of luggage that actually create more problems than solutions. To keep your luggage in check, choose a suitcase or bag that’s just large enough to fit your belongings.

2. Choose the right Wardrobe to take with you

We often underestimate how much our clothes can weigh when packed together for a week’s worth of travelling. For example, most travellers can make do with straightforward outfits but are tempted into carrying the best of their wardrobe along with them. Instead, opt for simpler garments and thinner, lighter fabrics!

3. Assemble a kit of Travel Toiletries

A great way to save space, and reduce the weight of your luggage, is to organise your toiletries in a more efficient manner. We rarely need the entire bottle of body wash, shampoo, moisturiser etc., and yet we continue to pack them all. Invest in smaller, travel-sized bottles that can be regularly refilled, and don’t take up any excess space or weight at all!

4. Make things easier with Packing Organisers

An effective way of organising your luggage is by investing in Packing Organisers, which help in keeping the contents of your bags easy to access. These Organisers create a lot of room by keeping items neatly together, instead of having one big jumble of belongings to navigate through.

5. Pick Footwear based on comfort, not style

No matter how tempted you are to carry your most fashionable pair of shoes with you, the first priority for all travel footwear decisions must be comfort! Unless there’s an occasion or event that demands dressing up, the best strategy is to carry a light pair of shoes that’s as comfortable to wear as it is convenient to pack.

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